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The German Language & Cultural Institute is fully registered and was founded in 1989. The Institute is based in Pretoria East and is a member of the South African German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  All language services are provided by internationally trained mother tongue speakers. We have a proud track record of offering various highly professional language services.


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It is our goal to help you achieve your German language goals and objectives. There are a variety of German classes to choose from and various levels offered. The aim is to speak, write and understand German immediately. Emphasis is also placed on the correct grammar usage and pronunciation. Furthermore - cultural knowledge is also imparted to prepare all students to adapt and easily integrate into German-speaking countries in Europe. Continuous and constant tutor support is available outside of the classroom situation.  

Various levels of courses are offered:
  • A1 (Beginners Level) 
  • A2 (Advanced Beginners Level) 
  • B1.1 (Intermediate I Level) 
  • B1.2 - (Intermediate I Level)
  • B2.1 (Intermediate II Level)
  • B2.2 (Intermediate II Level)
  • C1 (Mother-tongue Advanced Level)
  • Business German Course



German Courses are offered throughout the year.  Due to the COVID Pandemic recommendations, all Group classes currently take place by way of  LIVE classes with your trainer via zoom. This saves time and money! The various group courses take place  either 2 or 3  times per week. The trainer continuously monitors your progress and ensures that you are fully prepared to master every level.

The courses are offered on weekdays  and on Saturdays. 


Private classes allow the students to not only learn at their own pace, but through initial assessments a learning plan is specifically tailored around their requirements and time plan. Private classes also allow for maximum flexibility, as the classes can be taken as and when and for how long it suits the student.


This may be in preparation for exams at school / university or preparing for overseas study or work. The teaching program will be focused on themes and language concepts relating to your career, business and interests.


You and your family are about to be assigned to work in a German speaking country or the family goes on regular vacations to German speaking countries and wish to learn the language together. It is fun and educational for all to learn the language together as a family. A family course is available for families with a minimum of 4 participants.  The minimum age is 14 years. Courses can commence at any time during the year.



The corporate training programmes are aimed at organizations that need to train staff in German. These courses can also  be offered at the clients premises and are tailor-made for each corporate client in accordance with their specific requirements.


These can either be booked as intensive courses on a full-time basis or on a part-time basis on a set day and at a set time over a period of several weeks / months. It is of great importance for business professionals who learn German for business purposes to be immediately immersed in German language training which focuses on the language which is relevant to your business. 



The Institute also offers certified sworn translation services to and from German / Afrikaans / English for the following:

  • Birth Certificates / Marriage Certificates  / Death Certificates

  • Matric Certificates / Degrees / Diplomas

  • Police Clearance Certificate

  • References (from employers etc)

  • Legal Documents (work contracts/job offers/divorce decrees etc)

  • Marketing and Advertising

  • Technical Manuals


All translators are also sworn translators and are admitted to the Supreme Court of South Africa. All documents are treated with strictest confidentiality.




Other languages on request



The Institute's professional competence on the highest level is documented in over 30 years of professional teaching at various institutions. Our clients include various international and local companies, government organisations, embassies and professional people in business, medicine and law. 


  • BMW

  • Siemens

  • Mercedes Benz

  • LäPPLE

  • Rheinmetal

  • MAN

  • VW

  • BEHR Group

  • Boehringer Ingelheim

  • Zeuna Starker


  • Bauer SA

  • Kaeser Compressors


  • Business professionals/managers

  • IT specialists

  • Engineers

  • Medical Doctors 

  • Lawyers



  • CSIR

  • NRF (National Research Foundation

  • Department of Water Affairs and Forestry

  • NPA (National Prosecuting Authority)

  • Ministry of Intelligence


  • German Embassy

  • British Embassy


  • KfW – DEG

  • GTZ



“I thought you might want to know the results of the independent German Exam that I completed in November. On a scale of 1 to 5, I obtained a 2. Of the 23 British diplomats, no one obtained a 1 and only 7 of us obtained a result of 2. Your excellent teaching methods, which ensure your students very good results, have thus been proven again”

“My sincere thanks and congratulations with the excellent German course which you gave me… As you know I was awarded an Alexander von Humboldt bursary to study in Germany… I completed a 98 hour course with you and was most pleasantly surprised with the good results… It is very obvious that you have gone to great lengths to stay on top of the latest trends in teaching methods… Your exceptional interest in your students also greatly contributes to the phenomenal success which you enjoy as a lecturer ”

The Institute  “… has taught German to approximately 85 employees, both groups and some private tuition. … we used two other different companies, which we have now discontinued, since the results that we have got to date from you… are superior… Very importantly, do we find that the students are a lot more confident. Furthermore, the trainer is very professional, patient and diligent and with the friendly helpful manner inspire the students to heights far beyond their own expectations… ”

“I would like to once again thank you most sincerely for your fantastic performance  at our institution. From the discussions with Arnold, Lynette and Alma I have established that they have made enormous progress and that they sincerely value the wonderful manner in which you teach”




We are competitively priced and take great pride in giving you value. 

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